Thursday, November 11, 2010


Testing... out a new necklace. I will post it in a few days. New metal, new design. Very excited!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Morning Whine

Trying really hard to stay positive. Not an easy thing for me to do in any occasion, but especially with this.
When I started creating necklaces from Felt in the beginning of the year, I got great responses and sold (to friends) almost everything that I made. Though at the time, I was using acrylic felt and store bought feature buttons. I decided I didn't want to do it this way anymore and so I started sourcing the best Merino Wool Felt and antique buttons.

Since this new turn in my designs, I've yet to sell a single piece. And so I'm wondering - Are my new designs just not that good?? see--> Flickr

I don't want to give up, aside from my partner Darcy, it is the only thing making me really happy... I guess I'm always the frustrated artist!!